The Gathering of Shadows by J.D Netto ( The Whispers of the Fallen #3 )

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When the thread of hope is split into two, which side will you take?

After the capture of three book-bearers, Isaac, Xylia and Arundel are beckoned to return to Agalmath to meet the Dark One. Around the four corners of Elysium, Lucifer and his servants are gathering an army—uniting men, beast, Shadow and Nephilin to expand his kingdom.

Hidden in the shadows and holding one of Lucifer's most faithful servants in captivity, the blood-drinkers continue to hunt down Isaac and the others, seeking to retrieve the Book of Letters.
Isaac and Xylia's courage and willingness to fight is starting to wane as they now fear that the path they have taken will claim their lives.

"When the stars blood drink. When the moon red turns. When the snow melts away. That's when Elysium will burn."

My Opinion

Where can I start? 

J.D Netto did it again! I was sent this book for an honest review and here it is. 

I wasn't expecting anything of what happened in this book, I mean, I wasn't prepared. 

This book is (as the previous two) full of mistery and action. Isaac has become one of my favorite male characters ever. The Gathering of Shadows is so fast paced, not gonna lie, I was flipping through the pages and my heart was beating faster and faster while reading it and when I was reading outside people just looked at me as If I was a freak. J.D has built an incredible world in this books, who was so pleasing to read. You also can see how he put his heart in every single word. Some things are so detailed and that's why enjoyed this book and story the most. It made me feel like I was inside the story, living the adventures right there. A lot of things start to get sense of the previous ones too, and that was great also. 

I gave it 5 stars because I had panic attacks while reading it. 

Thanks again to J.D Netto, who gave me the opportunity to read this incredible book early. 

Oh, one more thing, If you haven't read the previous two books, what are you waiting for? go grab your copy and fangirl-fanboy with me! once you read them, you clearly gonna see what I'm talking about.

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