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1. How does the music you listen while writing influence your creative process? 
I listen to very specific music while I write. Every series has its own style, and every book has its own theme song and soundtrack. The John Cleaver books are all rock, but book 1 was acoustic rock, and book two was goth rock, and book three is garage rock (and every group had a female singer). Then you move to something like Partials, and it was a completely different mix of orchestral pop and old-school protest songs. I listen to music because it gets me in the right mood, and it helps make sure that every book in a series feels different but consistent.

2. If you could to a smash-up with two of your trilogies, which ones would you chose? 
Interesting question! I would love to put John Cleaver into Mirador and see what happened. How would the demons work in a high-tech world like that? And how could John use that tech to hunt him? I also think John and Marisa would get along better than any of my other lead characters 😊

3. Do you try more to be original or to deliver readers what they want? 
I always write what I want to read, and if other people want to read it too that's awesome but it's not a requirement. And I think that all readers really want, at the end of the day, is goo fiction: I could have asked a thousand readers what they wanted, and not a single one of them would have ever said "I want a story about a 15-year-old mortician who hunts monsters." But I loved it, and that love shows in the writing, and that's what readers are responding to. 

4. How did publishing your first book changed your writing process an style? 
It acclerated my process by a ton! Before I got published I wrote six books in eight years. In the eight years since, I've written about sixteen. It's a job now, and I treat it like one, which means other things have to wait until I get my work done.

5. Have you ever thought of writing nonfiction? 
Believe it or not, I've spent the last several months doing a ton of research on a particular era of history, just because it interests me and it's a fun project to work on when I have gaps of free time. I would very much love to write a non-fiction book about it at some point, but that point is very far away for now.

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