I do consider myself an Internet person and as that, I post a lot about my life on the web, and if you've been following me for a long time or you're new follower you've maybe realized that I'm really open about some things that have happened me and I gladly do it to help others and remind them that we are not alone.

After that being said, I wanna talk about self-love. Dealing with anxiety and loneliness most of my time as a teenager was hard but all of that was the best life teacher you could ask for.

My anxiety began when I was eleven and doctors came to the conclusion that was generated by my tendency of worrying about others but me. I do feel like an altruist individual and always looking for others good is something that even nowadays can't stop doing.

But so far this year I realized that I give so much to people and I don't give anything to myself. That's why I'm talking about this. I hate selfish persons but thought all this time made me realize that even when you don't believe it a little bit of selfishness can help you boost your self-esteem and makes you feel better with who you are. Love yourself before loving anyone else.

For months, I forgot who I was. I worried for people who doesn't appreciate it at all and used me like their servant because of my kindness. So I said fuck it, my life is mine to remember, if you think I'm selfish, arrogant, or rude I don't give a fuck. I'm learning to love myself. To keep inspired and motivated. I'll do the things that I love from now on.

Always remember to take care of yourself no matter how altruist you are. You are first.

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